A Virtual Visit of Menaul's Campus.

This is the administration office building. Dormitories for Boarding students. Basketball practice. Every day the all of Menaul students and staff gather for chapel. As part of our curriculum, each student take religous studies courses. Students have the opportunity to display art on campus and sell it at the annual MADfest in May. When academic difficulties arise, the Learning Support Program is present as a resource for ensuring optimal academic success across the curriculum. Many Upper School classes are taught here, as well as, Board of Trustees meetings. Conducting class in Old Brick Commons. Throughout the year the campus maintains bright colors from our trees, gardens, and lush fields of grass. The bell tower ontop of Old Brick. Southwest side of the campus. Wide shot of the east side of campus Menaul Varsity Boys and Girls Basketball teams won 2011 District  tournament. Basketball scrimmage. Home to the Menaul Historical Library and music courses. The Library serves as a focused place for students to study, read, or finish a project. Middle School classes are taught here.