Menaul Parent Association (MPA)

As a parent or guardian of a Menaul School student, the Menaul Parent Association (MPA), is your organization.

A core value of Menaul School is community involvement. The MPA is a great way you can be a part of and make a difference in the Menaul School community. The MPA's mission is to be supportive of students, teachers, faculty and the values of Menaul.

The MPA provides you with opportunities to show support and be involved in school events, as well as participate in fundraisers. It is the time and talents of parents like you that make events at the school possible and successful.

MPA Board Members
The MPA Board is made up of seven parents and a faculty advisor. The MPA Board has a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and three committee chairs. The board meets the third Monday of every month to discuss upcoming events at the school, manage activities that are ongoing and to allocate funds. When needed, a teacher or school administrator will be invited to a board meeting to provide further insight into an event or school policy so the MPA can provide needed support.

How is every parent or guardian a member? Each year as part of the school’s fees, $5.00 from each family goes to the MPA. Those funds go toward projects such as recycling. Recycling bins for paper, cardboard and plastic can be found around campus. The MPA pays to have these items picked up and recycled. The MPA Board feels that the recycling effort is an important civic duty to not fill up the local landfills with materials that can be reused. The MPA also allocates funds to bring in speakers for parent education, periodicals and books for the library, necessities for the VIM”s (Volunteers In Mission) and other expenses to support MPA activities. If you would like to attend a MPA Board meeting, please contact Mary Byrd.

The MPA Board Members for the 2013/2014 school year are (1-2 year terms):

President:              Aileen O’Catherine (email:

Vice President:   Mary Byrd (email:

Treasurer:             Annette Anaya (email:

Secretary:              Paulette Lucas (email:

Committee Chairs (1-2 year terms may be co-chaired):

Volunteer Coordinator:                  Ronda Washington-Fitzgerald (email:

Staff Appreciation and Socials:    TBD

Panther Den:                                          TBD

Faculty Advisor:                                    Eric Moses  (email:

The Menaul Parents Association maintains a Facebook page where you can interact with Menaul families and friends. Join us!