Tinnin Center Services


The Tinnin Center at Menaul School supports students in two key ways: Counseling and Learning Support.  From the Counseling side, the focus is on healthy social, behavioral, and overall psychological functioning.  From the Learning Support side, the emphasis is placed on academic success, advocating for accommodations for students with diagnosed learning differences and helping students to become independent learners.  Students who struggle in one arena often have difficulty in another.  The Tinnin Center is where we connect the dots, promoting total student well-being from a holistic perspective.  We also act as a resource to parents, faculty, and the administration, promoting a global view of student success and facilitating conversations as needed.

The Counseling Program

The Counseling Program at Menaul School is a counseling, crisis, and mediation resource center that is dedicated to creating a place where all Menaul School students, parents, faculty, and staff can come together as community members to help resolve differences while offering help and support to each other in times of need.  We are a multicultural center, dedicated to creating a safe and supportive environment while respecting each student’s, family’s, and /or community member’s individuality and unique set of needs and abilities.  

Counseling at Menaul provides a non-threatening and safe environment for all who seek support.  It is the goal of the Counseling Program at Menaul to promote the healthy development of all students so that they can take full advantage of their educational opportunities and achieve personal and academic success while attending Menaul School.  Teachers, administrators, parents, and students can refer concerns or problems for assistance with conflict and/or counseling.

The Menaul School Counseling Program is an integral component of Menaul School’s educational system and is vital in preparing and assisting Menaul students to be successful, lifelong learners.  The school counselor, along with other members of the Student Support Team (Director of Student Development, Chaplain, Learning Support Coordinator, High School Dean, Middle School Dean, High School Faculty Member, Middle School Faculty Member), assists students in making decisions, building resiliency skills, managing emotions, coping with crisis, overcoming barriers to learning, and seeking access to resources that assist them in their academic endeavors.  The Student Support Team works to create a positive educational environment which teaches self-management skills, acts as an advocate for students, and provides relevant academic, career, and personal/social counseling to enable students to make informed decisions toward achieving their future goals.

Concerns addressed by the Counseling Program:

  • Counseling students who are “at-risk”
  • Counseling students with attendance issues
  • Counseling student who have disciplinary problems
  • Mediating conflict resolution meetings among students
  • Collaborating with teachers to present guidance curriculum lessons on academic and/or personal/social issues
  • Developing and implementing academic and/or personal/social interventions
  • Interpreting student records and test scores
  • Consulting with teachers in regards to classroom concerns
  • Assisting the school administration with identifying and resolving student issues, needs, and problems
  • Facilitating small and large group counseling services
  • Advocating for students
  • Observing classrooms
  • Facilitating transitions
  • Addressing Bullying/Relational Aggression Issues

If you would like to reach the Counseling Program, calll Ms. Trish Gronewald, Learning Support Coordinator, at 505-341-7213, or email her at tgronewald@menaulschool.com

The Learning Support Program   

The Learning Support Program at Menaul School has as its foundation a strong conviction in the capability of each Menaul student to thrive in the classroom environment.  Menaul students are diverse and impressive in their unique offerings to the school.  When academic difficulties arise, the Learning Support Program is present as a resource for ensuring optimal academic success across the curriculum.  This program sets us apart from other college preparatory schools in the Albuquerque area.

Goals of the Learning Support Program at Menaul School include:

  • Students will organize their notebooks and complete all homework assignments in a timely manner.
  • Students will feel confident in their ability to excel in the classroom environment.
  • Students will demonstrate understanding of classroom material and assignments.
  • Students will effectively express their thoughts in written and spoken expression.
  • Students will show a desire to learn and a passion for areas of academic interest.
  • Students will meet all requirements for graduation.

Emphasis is placed on in-class accommodations, rather than on pull-out learning support sessions.  This means that the primary responsibility for meeting academic needs will rest with regular classroom faculty.  However, additional support is given in the form of after-school tutoring or support sessions for individualized teaching on specific skills (e.g., note-taking, pre-writing, and organization) as appropriate.

If you would like to reach the Learning Support Program, call Ms. Trish Gronewald, Learning Support Coordinator, at 505-341-7213, or email her at tgronewald@menaulschool.com