Middle school students do not earn credits toward graduation, but is the foundation for developing the necessary skills for a successful high school career. The middle school years are important because it is during this time that students develop the attitudes and behavior patterns they will carry with them throughout their education.  Please see the Middle School Curriculum page for additional informtion on our innovative Middle School program.

GRADE 6 CORE CLASSES:  Core classes, humanities and STEM, taught in time blocks and with boys and girls separated

GRADES 7 AND 8 ELECTIVE COURSES:  Nine-week elective courses for seventh and eighth grade students

LEARNING EXPEDITIONS:  The middle school supplements classroom instruction with learning expeditions utilizing in-depth investigations of real-world topics across multiple subject areas

DAILY EXERCISE:  Daily physical education classes in addition to exercise and athletic activities after lunch

TUTORING:  Tutoring offered by learning support specialist during school day



Upper School provides a rigorous college-preparatory, character-based curriculum that prepares students for the global community.  Upper School provides a meaningful curriculum that connects students' lives with the larger community.  Students from over 12 different countries learn and interact on a daily basis. Personalized college guidance helps each student find and select the best college and university that will meet their life goals and ambitions.  Go to our Upper School Curriculum page to learn more!