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The Menaul School iPad Program

A profoundly interactive and engaged faculty and student relationship has long been the hallmark of a Menaul School education.  The bond between teacher and student promotes learning on a deeper level and challenges students to think critically and speak articulately about their world.  This hallmark was brought into the 21st century with the introduction of the iPad program in Menaul School’s 2013-14 school year.  Every teacher and student will continue to be issued an iPad  for school use at the beginning of each school  year.

After careful consideration, the school decided that the iPad  is currently the ideal 21st century teaching tool that will enhance the educational experience of every Menaul School student.  Continuous research in the educational world is proving the iPad to be a multi-use educational tool, given its versatility, portability, and accessibility.  The iPad serves as an interactive e-reader, with a growing percentage of the school’s textbooks available in electronic format.  The device’s usefulness extends well beyond etextbooks, however.  A student can render a difficult geometry proof or look up the etymology of a vocabulary word all with the touch of a finger.  A student can receive a packet of information electronically from his or her teacher in an instant or quickly represent a physics phenomenon digitally.  The iPad is incredibly customizable, allowing teachers to further tailor their courses to the needs of Menaul School students and incorporate myriad sources and resources easily and seamlessly.

The introduction of the iPad program has fulfilled an important part of Menaul School’s New Generation Learning Committee’s strategic plan: a one-to-one portable device program.  Menaul School takes seriously its responsibility to equip students with the skills necessary to navigate this 21st century world.  Familiarity and expertise with technology are at the forefront of needed skills.  Menaul School is confident that this program will further the school’s mission to embody in its practices and to cultivate in its students diversity, respect, intellectual curiosity, responsible leadership, and spiritual growth and ensure that Menaul School remains at the forefront of educational practice.

Q.  Will there be an additional fee for the Menaul School iPad program?
A.  There will be a technology fee of $300 per student to cover costs of software and infrastructure.

Q.  What if I already know how to use an iPad?  Do I still need to attend a training session to get one?
A.  All students will need to attend a training session to receive their iPad.  However, if you have experience using an iPad, iPhone, or iTouch, you will attend a session that focuses on applications acquisition and use.

Q.  When will students get their iPad?
A.  Students receive their iPad the first week of classes. 

Q.  Will students get any other items with their iPad?
A.  We are still deciding what kinds of keyboards, covers, and styles will work best for our program and how they will be paid for.

Q.  Can students purchase e-books for the iPad?
A.  Yes, electronic books will be available for the iPad.  If a book is purchased through Amazon, it can be made available on multiple devices.

Q.  What if the iPad is damaged or stolen?
A.  The iPads are insured.  Damaged iPads will be repaired, and as long as a police report is filed, stolen iPads will be replaced for a fee not yet determined.

Q.  What applications will the students need?
A.  Many of the necessary applications will be provided with the iPad.  Some course-specific applications will be added throughout the year.

Q.  How often will the iPad technology be upgraded?
A.  The iPads have a two year lease.  Because technology is changing so quickly, we have opted for a two year replacement cycle.  

Q.  Can students have personal files on their iPads?
A.  Through the iCloud technology, students may store  apps and files associated with their account.