Summer Reading Program

Menaul School’s 2014 Summer Reading Program

We at Menaul believe profoundly in students reading over the summer whether it is fiction, non-fiction, or magazine articles. This year we are changing the program a little bit and we hope enlivening it.

Here is the new program:

  • All teachers and some staff members have picked a book they would like students to read over the summer. Click here for list.
  • All students pick one book from the list to read over the summer and read it.
  • The second week of school we will clear away two hour-long periods, during which the teacher or staff member will lead discussions of the book.
  • The teachers will present a variety of ways the students can respond to the ideas and themes of the book, and the students will each pick one and complete it. These responses could be writing an additional chapter, painting a picture of a scene from the book, writing a letter to a Member of Congress regarding an issue developed in the book, composing a two-page response paper, or many other creative ideas.
  • The grade for this response project will appear in all students’ first quarter English grade.

We at the school are excited about presenting a huge variety of books for students to read and sharing some of our favorite books with our students.

We are asking families to assist the students by helping them obtain a copy of the book through Albuquerque Public Library, Amazon, Barnes and Noble,, or any other source. We even have some copies of a few of the books on campus. In addition, we would appreciate encouraging your students to read and talk about the book. Who knows? Some of our students’ family members may want to read it too!

We have given all students a copy of the offerings, and we are attaching that list to this notice.

Thank you, and have a great summer reading books!