Menaul Students & Parents

Guidelines for Parents & Students


Parents are an important part of Menaul School. Without parental support, fulfilling our commitments to students would be much more difficult. A school must have a strong, supportive parent base in order to excel. Therefore, Menaul is dedicated to exploring every avenue of effective communication with parents.

Consequently, we have published a Parent/Student Handbook to help inform you of the policies and procedures of our school that relate most directly to you. This handbook is meant to serve as a complement to the Parent/Student Handbook. It focuses on informing you about the practical, day-to-day things that we hope will help make your experience as a part of the Menaul Community both pleasant and rewarding.


In our effort to educate for life, we at Menaul give a great deal of attention to the conduct of our student body. As citizens of a free and open American culture, our students are expected to govern themselves in a society that uses clear and concise laws to protect individual liberties. Likewise, the code of conduct at the Menaul School is drafted to place us all under the same code, equally.

Students are issued a handbook so that they may govern their own behavior accordingly. It is essential that all students and their parents be familiar with every aspect of this handbook in order to avoid confusion as the year proceeds. Particular attention should be paid to the sections dealing with the merit and demerit system. As with any code, certain consequences are in place for misconduct. By learning the system created to deal with this misconduct, our community is better able to enjoy a liberal and open academic environment.